When I think about a retro home, I immediately imagine a bedroom with a beautiful vanity table. But I couldn’t find anything I liked when we moved to our new (and bigger!) house. That’s why I decided to purchase something easier to find, more affordable, and above all, something I could adjust to my atomic era taste!

Malm dressing table by Ikea was exactly what I was looking for.

To… atomify Malm you will need:

  • aqua color wrapping paper or any other paper sheet
  • acrylic colors (I couldn’t find aqua so I mixed green with white and added a touch of yellow instead)
  • a small size paint brush with round point
  • a bigger size paint brush
  • matte acrylic finisher

For the top:

Malm comes with a glass you can easily place on the top of it, so I cut two different shapes from the wrapping paper and placed them under the glass. I used double-sided tape at the corners to hold the pieces of paper.

For the drawer:

Here comes the funny part. I printed an atomic era star to use as reference (have a look at this one – AMAZING! from retrorenovation.com). You can use the same shape to print and create stencils – I tried to do that at first but I completely messed up and decided to paint freehand lol. I used acrylic paint to draw the starbursts. It was not easy so I recommend you use a round pointed small paint brush and start from the center of the star. Slowly draw the points of the star and fill with color. I painted the stars in different sizes and also added some small dots.

Wait for 24-36 hours so that the paint is completely dry, then use an acrylic finisher with a bigger size paint brush to protect the stars and give them a matte coating. That’s it! Hope you like it 🙂

stay beautiful