Some people just buy a Van Gogh or Monet print from a department store and hang it in the living room. Other need something more thrilling. As much as I love Vincent and Claude’s works, they wouldn’t fit a mid century inspired apartment. I needed something more bright and bold, like those brilliant posters from the ’50s.

During a research on the internet I found several websites that offer prints or posters: and offer a wide range of classic sci-fi movie posters you can order. But what about those b-movies and obscure science fiction stories?! not only lets you download high resolution files of posters that are now in the public domain, but for free! You just have to buy a frame, and have the poster printed. That’s it.

I have printed Destination Moon and Plan 9 from Outer Space (remember Ed Wood infamous horror/sci-fi movie?) and now they are giving color to my living room. I used simple and light Ikea frames so I can easily change the prints and the look of the room!

Here is my top 5 sci-fi and horror movie posters!

How great do these posters look? Do you have some to decorate your house?