It is no secret that Genoa is one of my favourite cities around the globe. I find its little streets intriguing, and the Old Port stately. I am never tired of visiting it, and come here as much as I can, as I live just a couple of hours from it.

The last time I visit Genoa I could spend only a day there, so I decided to make the most out of this limited time. I collected some ideas on how you could spend a single day in Genoa without missing the best spots under the palm trees!

The Old Port

the Old Port with its palm tress on the left, and the Grande Bigo

Here you can find the famous Lanterna lighthouse, one of the symbols of Genoa, as well as the Grande Bigo: a panoramic elevator by Renzo Piano. You can eat a gelato while walking under the palm tress and enjoy a view of the port.

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

the Cathedral with its beautiful lions!

Going from the Old Port to the city center, you can easily find the Genoa’s cathedral. Also known as Duomo of Genoa, this beautiful Roman Catholic cathedral was erected in 1908. Look at those splendid colours and the decorations featuring two marbled lions!

Torri di Porta Soprana

the majestic Porta Soprana and the cloister of an ancient monastery

Follow via San Lorenzo to find one of the most antique places in Genoa. Porta Soprana was built between IX and XII century and was one of the gates of the city. Close to Porta Soprana you can visit the house-museum of Cristoforo Colombo. You can also find the remains of an ancient monastery: a peaceful corner in the heart of the city.

Via XX Settembre

a view of the buildings in Via XX Settembre

Turn to the left of the Porta Soprana and follow the road until you find Via XX Settembre: the place where Genoeses go for shopping and aperitivo. You can find traditional shops as well as major brands, and obviously gorgeous architecture such as Liberty buildings!

Spianata Castelletto (from Piazza del Portello)

what a view!

This beautiful belvedere is the perfect place for a view of the city and its port. To get here follow the directions for Piazza del Portello where you can take an Art Nouveau lift built in 1909 (using a city transport ticket). The name means “small castle” and refers to the fortress that stood outside the city walls until 1849. Enjoy the view while eating a typical focaccia in this quiet, peaceful corner of the city.

Did you like my itinerary? Don’t forget to visit Genoa next time you are in Italy!