Happy Holidays my friends!

I love spending time at home and I love decorating it. During the year I try and change some ornaments and furniture to make it always look “fresh”. Now that Christmas and the New Year are almost here, I have decorated the house with some vintage and retro looking ornaments.

This is our Christmas tree. We bought it the first year we moved in together and we decided to have it completely white because our parents never liked nor wanted white trees! It’s not very big since we used to live in a rather small apartment, and we didn’t replace it when we moved in the new house. We are too attached to it!

Last year I found a bunch of vintage baubles in a second-hand store: they came in different colors and shapes, some are covered in silky fabric, others have nice textures. I believe them to be from the ’60s as my grandmother used to have the same designs. I immediately bought them! This year I chose to decorate the tree using blue and greenish yellow.

This is going to be the highlight of our decorations: I got this sputnik ornament at a local Flying Tiger store and immediately bough it! It gives a very vintage look to the room, and I placed it on a glass cabinet – look at those colors together!

These mid-century paper ornaments are very easy to do, and you can hang them everywhere in the home. Just cut five colored paperboard strips: place the shortest piece in the middle, the mid length pieces on either side, and the longest pieces on the top and bottom. Use tape to secure them in the ends.

I’m planning to add some mistletoe in the kitchen – away from our cats!
What are your favourite part of Christmas decoration?
Happy Holidays and happy decorating!