When you think about Scotland you immediately think about green grass, rain and rainbows, beautiful landscapes. And Scotland is all of this! This was my third time here, and I had a chance to spend some days in Glasgow.

One thing I ALWAYS do as soon as I land in United Kingdom is having a huge breakfast. I love everything about it, also because we usually only have a coffee/tea and a croissant here in Italy. The thing I like the most is that you can find vegetarian breakfasts everywhere and they always taste great. Don’t forget a good cider 😉

The city centre in Glasgow is so lively and beautiful. We reached one of the iconic spots of the city in Royal Exchange Square, the Duke of Wellington statue. Glaswegians have been adorning the statue with a traffic cone since the 1980’s and we really wanted to see it!

We also visited the Necropolis, a Victorian cemetery situated on a hill and next to the St. Mungo Cathedral. Crossing the Bridge of Sighs at the main entrance (the bridge got its name for being part of the funeral processions route) takes you to the necropolis where fifty thousand individuals are buried.

Street art in Glasgow really amazed us, as we walked through the alleys and found colorful graffitis with beautiful drawings. Some of them were huge! At this link you can find more information about these beautiful pieces of art and the artists who made them: Glasgow street art and guide

We also visited a tiki bar – I always visit tiki bars when there is one around! This one is the Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn and I highly recommend it! There are two floors, both beautifully furnished with vintage items, colorful wallpaper, and of course a huge quantity of tiki statues, bamboo and palm trees.

Cocktails are served in amazing tiki mugs and the food is delicious. We had a Thai Vegetarian Platter to share: spring rolls, corn fritters, vegetable tempura, tofu and Thai salad, dips: we really enjoyed it! Then we moved downstairs to have another pair of cocktails! You can find the Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn in the city centre at 214 Bath St.

I really enjoyed my stay in Glasgow, Scotland and looking forward coming back again one day!